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“Oryx” is the short form and brand name used to describe and refer to Oryx Engineering Services LLC (“OES”), a limited liability company incorporated in Doha, the State of Qatar with its mailing address as P.O. Box 24131, Doha, Qatar.

OES publish the website as is, without any warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the operation of its site, the accuracy of the information or the products or services referred to on the website (in so far as such warranties may be excluded under any relevant law) and OES will not be liable for any losses or damage that may result from use of the website as a consequence of any inaccuracies in, or any omissions from, the information which they may contain.

The information contained in the website is not an invitation to invest in the shares, or any other products or services or otherwise deal in these or enter into a contract with OES or any other company. The information provided should not be relied upon in connection with any investment decision.

Where the site is hypertext linked to any site operated by any third party, OES accepts no responsibility or liability arising in respect of any products, services, materials or information on such site. The presence of such links shall not seem to be deemed to be a recommendation or endorsement of such site by OES.

“Oryx Portal” and the derivate of it are a brand name for OES online business development tool.

No permission to copy, reproduce (in particular for use in any publication or for distribution purposes), modify or download the site or any part thereof is given without the prior written permission of OES.

All trademarks used on this site belong to OES or the registered proprietor of such trademarks.

All rights relating to copyright, trade marks, know-how and any other intellectual property rights in materials or information on this site are reserved.

All information given on this site is up to date at the time it was posted and is meant for guidance purposes only. It is not to be relied upon as a statement or representation of facts. No warranty is given as to the accuracy of any information given.

Any information gathered by the website administrators on client visit behaviour will be used internally for the sole purpose of improving client relationship management activities. This information will not be made available to third parties, nor in any way which may be seen to prejudice the rights of clients and visitors to the website. Please refer to or detail Privacy Notice

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