> Khan vs. bradley, who wins?

Khan vs. bradley, who wins?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
Styles make fights ,i think Khan's greater height ,reach ,hand speed as well as footwork would all work against Bradley since he's not a mobile fighter.

Khans physical attributes are all better than Bradley's ,nor does Khan have to worry as much about being chin checked by Bradley since Bradley isn't a big puncher.

Amir Khan by UD.

In their best prime at junior welterweight, I would say Khan. Actually, I think Bradley knew this that's why he avoided a confrontation with Amir some years back. However Tim has improved since then and is now well at home at welterweights and if they will be fighting at 147, I think it will be a pick 'em fight. With Tim's woeful KO record, I don't think Amir is in any danger of being kayoed though. Khan is a more well rounded fighter than Bradley and has a more complete set of offensive arsenal including a wicked body shot that almost kayoed Marcos Maidana some time back. If only Khan can put it all together, I think he can still be a better fighter than most would give him credit or benefit of the doubt for. I think Bradley has reached his max and can improve no further.

I'd say Bradley. Bradley is a more seasoned and solid fighter. He is a better overall fighter. He can box well and rumble when he needs to. Khan, makes too many flaws and jumps in with no real defense. Khan's chin is suspect while Badley's chin has been proven to hold up.

In other words, if they were to box, Bradley would outbox him, if they were to go to war, Bradley would outfight him and possibly knock him out due to Khans Chin.

Bradley apparently ducked Khan

Bradley. Khan is just as inaccurate as Pacquiao and faster, but he has a weak chin, has less experience, afraid to get in exchanges, and lacks the skill to really pose a threat to Bradley.

Amir khan is on the downside of his career. He never been the same after his lost to Garcia. He was floored against the soft punching Diaz. In return, I see Bradley closing the distance and beating Khan to the punch.

Timothy bradley U12.

Bradley wipes his azz with fighters like khan.

Bradley by UD

Bradley. I don't need to explain why.