> It looks like Wladimir Will ruin Wilder's plans. Vitali says Wladimir will most likely call out the winner of Arreol

It looks like Wladimir Will ruin Wilder's plans. Vitali says Wladimir will most likely call out the winner of Arreol

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
Wilder? Who's that?

You should not overlook the chances of the winner of the Arreola-Stiverne fight against Wlad. Arreola is no longer the fat slob Wlad fought and beat years ago and Stiverne poses a far different and better challenge against the likes Wlad had met against mostly club fighters who to paraphrase Larry Holmes' infamous quote are not even worthy to carry the jackstraps of the top contenders of the 70s through the 90s.

As for Wilder, they said that same thing too of George Foreman until Big Goe0rge proved his punch can separate the elites from their senses as well as it did against his criticized overmatched foes.

But just because he calls them out they don't have to fight him but I suppose the lure of becoming the undisputed HW champ will get them to take the fight with Wlad instead of Wilder as Wilder would be high risk-low reward. Wlad would just be high risk but the rewards for dethroning him would be enormous.

Wladimir Klitschko would beat Arreola and Stiverne and Wilder, they're good but they don't have the tools to get past the hammer. He deserves to fight for the WBC title so I hope the fight is made immediately so he can unify them fast because anyone who wants to be HW champion should have to beat Wladimir Klitschko for that honour.

Wilder is the one to KO Wladimir. I don't see how Wladimir has gotten better with age but I respect him he is a great champion who deserves more credit.

People can criticise Wilder's opposition but I would personally take Scott over Leapai anyday and Wilder would destory Leapai inside 3 rounds.

Wlad will KO Wilder

I really dont care vlad sucks

I know the Heavyweight division has been an embarrassment the last decade, but their is a handful of guys coming up, that haven't had their chances, and Whladimir is feasting on journeymen, and absolute cans. If it worked out perfectly, to really see who's who in the Heavyweights then hopefully it goes like this.

Stiverne- Arreola 2 winner faces Wilder, in fall

Whladimir faces Pulev in fall

The winners face to unify, and after that their challenger would be a fight off between Jennings-Perez winner vs. Fury-Chisora 2 winner's winner. We would have a true Great Heavyweight Champion.

Wladi will avoid this Black Adonis like the plague.....mark my words, this fight will never happen

Wladimir wants the WBC belt too.I guess Wilder will be next in line, that is of course only if he wants a fight with Wladimir which I personally doubt. Wladimir looks like he gets better and better with age. Is there anyone to stop him or he will break any record there is?