> Out of Khan and Alexander, who is the most undeserving of a shot at Mayweather?

Out of Khan and Alexander, who is the most undeserving of a shot at Mayweather?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
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Neither one deserves a shot at Floyd, but if I was buying a ticket, I would prefer the opponent be Devon Alexander, Khan has a potato chip chin and at least Alexander can take a punch. Alexander would press Floyd more, Khan is a counter puncher much like Floyd. Who wants to pay good money to see two guys run from each other, both Floyd and Khan would try to counter punch, and nothing could be more boring to a fan. It Floyd doesn't fight Alvarez or move up to fight Sergio Martinez, it's just going to be another Mayweather white wash anyway, If Pescott can crush Khan, why put him in against Floyd? Alexander isn't much better, but he is better than Khan.

I'd say that Alexander. He doesn't have anything that really shines, besides his stamina. His punches aren't really anything dangerous for Floyd, and the only real way to defeat Floyd is with bombs. Khan has hand speed that is faster than Mayweather's, and Mayweather hasn't fought anyone quite as fast as him, so I think it would be a good test. I'd expect that it would be a close fight.

Alexander.....khan deserves it as he has been calling and chasing for a while..he also believe it or not has the speed/style to test him.

In terms of who has done more? I would say Khan. He brings more to the table also. He is more popular.

Alexander really hasn't done much and brings nothing to the table.

Alexander due to me thinking he'd have a better shot

I'm the most deserving

Just think of it..Mayweather vs Ghazan. 12 round boxing fight@154..at MGM grand..winner will be recognised as the greatest fighter ever.

I think I'll put enough stops to knock floyd out in the 8th round.


doesnt matter, all i know is that whoever floyd picks between the two doesnt deserves my hard earned money.... like the guerrero fight, it will be one sided

Explain the reasons behind your answer