> Who would win in a fight between Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali?

Who would win in a fight between Mike Tyson and Mohammad Ali?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
Ali=Skilled Boxer with great ring IQ..Tyson=Brawler with heavy hands...I definitely think Ali would've KO'd Tyson if they had fought in same era

Edge to Ali? Oh come on, Ali would win easily.

Tyson in his early years was a very fine boxer, and he even had a great jab that is often overlooked. His head movement was excellent, and he was in tremendous shape. However, he never fought any great fighters in his prime. Buster Douglas, albeit a much better boxer than anyone realized (in the rare moments when he actually prepared for fights), was not in Ali's league,but showed what a much better boxer Ali would surely do to Tyson.

Power? Ali took everything massive George Foreman could throw at him when Ali was past his prime, but big hitter Sonny Liston could not even get close to him when Ali was in his prime. Both those fighters would best Tyson, but the point is, they did not phase Ali. And they hit harder than Tyson. Ali could take a punch like no one.

As for Ali's power, have you watched round one of the Foreman fight? Remember, Ali KOd Foreman....who else did that? Anyone? (No).

Tyson was a great young champ, but he was simply never in Ali's league. Ali's long reach, middleweight speed, ability to take a punch, cocky attitude and verbal intimidation, and and most of all, his intelligence and ring generalship, would easily dominate Tyson.

Tyson would be eating jabs all night, and his prodigious speed would seem very slow against Ali.

I actually believe it would probably be a boring fight. Tyson would just be podding around with his gloves on his cheeks,unable to figure out why he would be out of the fight from round one..

Ali might or might not knock him out, but be would beat him. And badly. .

Allot of casual boxing fans think Tyson was invisible and allot of hardcore boxing fans underrate Tyson due to his later years.

First thing's first; lets compare similar opponents;

Allot of people say Tyson fought like Frazier but he did not. Frazier used cross arm defense [like Foreman] which is best for protecting the face but it leaves the body open. Frazier protected the body by leaning sideways. Frazier was somewhat made for Ali because Ali didn't throw body punches. Tyson in the other hand used ''peek a boo'' defense, which protects everything a little but leaves him open to jab on the forehead.

The guy who most fought like Tyson was Floyd Patterson, both were trained by Cus, Patterson had faster combinations then Tyson but he was smaller, weaker, had a glass jaw & was a senior citizen when he fought Ali.

Tyson fought a fighter very similar to Ali; Tillis. Tillis danced, had a solid jaw and fought out with the jab like Ali. He held and tied Tyson up whenever Tyson got close to thus avoid being punches.

I think the fight would go down to the Tillis fight. Ali was taller then Tillis, faster then Tillis, had a better jaw then Tillis, was smarted then Tillis and had better footwork. A prime Tyson could go 12 rounds non-stop but he never fought 15.

I believe Ali would dance and hold Tyson in the inside. Tyson may have landed some solid punches but Ali took them from far stronger punchers [Foreman, Shavers, etc]. Ali would land his jab and frustrate Tyson who got tied up on the inside. Only idiots fought Tyson inside, Tillis tried it and got knocked down but got back up and lost via UD.

If the fight was 12 rounds i believe Ali would win a wide decision, if it went 15 rounds he may have won a ko because Tyson may have tired, but don't get it wrong a prime Tyson could go 12 rounds and he always had a solid chin.

People who don't know **** about boxing say Tyson would destroy Ali, but Tyson is unquestionably an all time great and at his prime he was awesome.

Ali UD

When tyson was young kid in juvenile, ali came and visited the kids their and from that moment on tyson wated to be like him. Amazing to see how much respect he has for ali, tyson is a true gent.

The book says that the boxer would win over the street fighter puncher. It's like pitcher vs batter. Pitcher wins 65% of the time.

ali would win , his speed gives him a big advantage , ali fougt many guys like tyson (like foreman , liston , and frazier) and he won because of his speed

ali would beat him he had all the advantages to beat tyson the only advantage tyson has is power

Who do you think would win a fight between Mike Tyson(when he was in is prime)and Mohammad Ali?Personally,I think that it could go either way.However,I would have to give the egde to Ali.Tyson was nastier and had alot more punching power,but Ali was quicker,faster and frankly alot smarter.If Tyson did win,it would be through a knockout in the early rounds.If the fight went past six rounds,Ali would have him.Like I said,Id have to probably give it to Ali.What do you think?