> Mike Tyson circa 85-89 vs either Klitchko brother in their prime - how would that have worked out ?

Mike Tyson circa 85-89 vs either Klitchko brother in their prime - how would that have worked out ?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
Would be a repeat of tyson vs lewis or tua vs lewis

Tyson would KO Whlad, in RD 5.

No feeling each other out. Tyson would of watched tape on Whlad vs Purrity, Brewster, and Sanders, and executed a KO, even more devastating.Every time Whlad fought a guy, with power, and the speed, and footwork to land a punch, he went down. Whlad's chin is suspect.A prime Tyson had way more speed, and better footwork, then Whlad.

Tyson by UD , or late TKO, over Vitali

Tyson would of out boxed him. Too much speed, and footwork, for Vitali. Vitali is better then Whlad, so a more competitive fight, but Vitali had nothing to win this fight. Tyson would of put on a clinic, and after damage added up probably even a late TKO.

Tyson would have lost to Vitali I think because he can box really well and Lewis and Douglas showed that Tyson cannot really cope with good boxers. Vitali also has an iron jaw so I don't think Tyson could have knocked him out.

Wlad would probably have been laid out though.

Both Klitschkos beat Tyson comfortably just like Lennox Lewis did. Tyson couldn't fare well against bigger quality boxers. That's a fact.

It depends who you ask.

American nostalgic boxing fans: Tyson would fairly easily KO both.

True boxing fans with an unbiased view of all fighters: Tyson would have big trouble beating either, especially Vitali.

Both Klitschkos would destroy Tyson worse than Lennox Lewis did


Tyson vs Wladimir Klitschko

Both faced Francoise Botha

An old Tyson vs young and undefeated prime Botha → Tyson wins by KO5

A young Wladimir vs old and fat Botha → Wladimir wins by KO 8

1986-1990 Tyson vs 2005-2010 Wladimir → Tyson wins by KO 6

88 Tyson vs Vitali Klitschko is different, Tyson wins on points, but something weird is my statistical analysis


i know these are two different era's - and its impossible , but lets just make it possible in our hypothetical scenario - where these two collide.

Lets start with Iron Mike circa late 88 early 89 vs Wladimir Klitchko circa 2006-10.

How would the first 3 rounds play out ?

Would both fighters try to feel each other out and try to establish some sort of rythem ?

or would Klitchko be petrified of engaging Iron Mike - i.e 'if he tried to bang with him inside 3 rounds - he'd risk getting KO'd ?'

or would he prevent Tyson getting in too close to work the body by keeping him at bay with his long punishing powerful jab ? Would that Tyson have been too intimidating and smart to be kept at bay by this tactic by Klitchko ?

I reckon Tyson would have connected early on round 1 with a bomb to the head and shook up Klitchko - we'd be seeing his legs wobbling and he'd be stunned, dazed and covering up trying to survive until the bell sounded at th end of round 1.

I reckon round 2 would be cagey but Tyson doing all the work - but being fustrated by an iron guard of Klitchko - with Klitchko snapping out that jab but not really penetrating or landing cleanly - just a tactic to keep a hungry Tyson at bay.

round 2 would close out this way.

Round 3 would commence and Tyson would be patiently trying to find an opening so he could throw one of those short range solid shots on the inside , should Klitchko get wreckless and open him self up too much.

I think at this stage both fighters will now have studied each others styles well and because they're very smart boxers they will adapt to one another and play the game of 'i'll wait for you to make the first mistake'.

Round 3 will see Tyson and Klitchko holding as each fustrate one another by throwing shots but missing and needing to get seperated by the ref for holding.

Round 3 fizzles out as a dull affair both fighters return to the corner - Klitchko seems to have recovered from the events of round 1 but he seems to be breathing heavily. Underestimated the brute strength of the so called smaller guy ?

Round 4 - and Tyson comes out of the blocks looking for some sort of leverage - he ducks a wild hook from Klitchko only to take a pounding to the rib cage, it looks as if that hurt him - but hes not showing it or - hes able to absorb that punishment thanks to the muscular strength below. Tyson grapples with Klitchko and takes him against the ropes - Klitchko protests and the refs seperates the fighers - Tyson gets a warning, ref wants none of that.

Much better from Klitchko as he manages to penetrate Tysons guard with a stinging double jab then a wild right form the top which seems to hit everything but Tyson.

Tyson seems to be fustrating Klitchko with the constant head movement - this bobbing n weaving , hands up high style is something Klitchko simply is not accustomed to as hes never had to face this sort of thing before. Tyson goes to work downstairs with a punishing series of hooks to the body - and once again Klitchko holds on to get some air. Ref seperates the pair.

Klitchko now working from distance - hes fast realising the man infront of him can PUNCH hard - and hes not going to offer his mid section for punching bag practice. Tyson still bobbing n weaving patiently waiting for the right moment to unleash a bomb - like a predator, intense focus in his eyes like hes sizing up the right moment to take down the prey... and the bell soudns thast teh end of that round ^_^


Boxing fans past and present - your thoughts on how I 'played out' this encounter ?

yeah - if you wanna know how it ends - well it ends in the next round - Tyson hurts Klitchko with some damaging blows the kidneys - forcing Klitchko to drop the hands and BAAAANG ^_^

LMAO game over - Iron Mike wins.

OR ...does this fight play out different in your opinion ? if so how ?