> Were you impressed by Vasyl Lomachenko last night?

Were you impressed by Vasyl Lomachenko last night?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
He didn't look all that bad and almost killed him in the 12th. When you add the weight, the low blows, the experience, it was a match made in hell but not the end of the world. he should fight a few cans here and there then make his way for another tittle shot.

He didn't live up to the hype IMO. Then again, he came into his second pro fight against one of the toughest and craftiest guys out there who pulled all sorts of "veteran moves" against him and had that idiot Larwence Cole fail to do one of the basic aspects of his job as a referee missing all those illegal shots.

Even so, he had no answer boxingwise for Salido's pressure and fighting syle that night. Even with his late push towards the end of the fight he did not seem to do enough to take the rounds.

In the end he looked disappointed but I'm impressed at the fact that he didn't make a single excuse even after Max pointed out in their interview trying to get him to say something negative about the ref not seeing the low blows or his opponent with the weight advantage.

This is a huge learning experience for a guy who came into the professional world with so much promise. There's no shame in losing to a guy like Orlando Salido, hopefully he learns from this and recovers soon.

Vasyl was officially in his 7th pro fight but he did very well especially ranged against a long-time featherweight gatekeeper champion as Orlando Salido who on a good night will still be a match against many of the division's rated fighters including champions Evgeni Gradovich and Jhonny Gonzales though I not apt to give him more than a chance against those two and the comebacking Abner Mares, But definitely none against Mikey Garcia.

Vasly definitely has the potentials but let's not get carried away. Salido was no longer the same fighter who troubled Juan Manuel Marquez and Yuri Gamboa and beat the likes of Robert Guerrero and Juan Ma Lopez. Since his loss to Garcia, he was no more than a glorified gatekeeper now at 126 lbs.

Featherweights coming in as heavy as a light welterweight, even a welterweight at fight time is nothing new. Most feathers do. Erik Morales did in his fights versus Marco Barrera. And I think Lomachenko also did if they had rightly announced his weight at fight time.

The addition of Loma in the already loaded featherweight division will only make it more exciting what with Gonzales, Gradovich and Simpiwe Vetyeka as titleholders and Mares, Nonito Donaire, Ponce de Leon lurking in the background and Leo Santa Cruz and Guillermo Rigondeux moving up soon.

Loma therefore has his work cut out for him and he has to show more improvement and not bask in the "glory" of a fight against an old and fading though still highly respected division stalwart..

He was extremely over hyped. He was labeled more ring IQ, then anyone, The Greatest ever, The next Sugar Ray Robinson. 350-1, like amateur records count, and he got roughed up , and schooled by a 40-12 veteran of professional boxing. On a positive note for a 2nd pro fight that was impressive, to fight a champion., but hes already in his mid 20's.

No, not at all. In fact I thought he looked pretty damn bad.

HOWEVER, I do think the potential is there. With some fine tuning and a dedication to making his style more pro friendly, I think he has the ability to be very good.

I think the first step to doing that is changing trainers. Who is Vasyl's trainer? His f*cking dad or some random dude from the Ukraine?

I don't think Zou Shiming is very good at all, not even close to it, but look at what Roach has done w/ him in just three fights.

He went from being a slappy, extremely amateur fighter to a dude that's tightened up his punches and started to sit down on them.

Vasyl needs to take that approach. Get a legit trainer who can at least attempt to mold his talent into a more pro friendly style. Roach would be good, Top Rank seems to love to feed him their new recruits.

If not that, get a Ronnie Shields or someone along that line. Any REAL pro trainer will help him. But again, yes, I thought he looked like total sh*t last night.

I thought he looked like dog shlt but on paper, to almost beat an established world champ in your 2nd pro fight is impressive. He had the speed and foot work to land shots and get out of there so why the constant holdings? He should have been throwing 3 punches then slipped back and out, rinse repeat> shut out.

Not really. Him almost knocking out Salido was due due to Salido being out of gas. Lomachenko needs to get over how good he THINKS he is and work his way up like everyone else.

He will come again good effort for 2nd pro fight will have learnt a lot from that fight.

I was impress with him as a gentleman. No Adrien Broner in him and no complains either. Going to be a real pro.

Complete BS

Lomachenko is euro trash.

Let's call it for what it is.

Vasyl, in his second pro fight, lost a split decision against a world champion who came in over 10lbs overweight & during the fight was a full fledged welterweight.

Vasyl outlanded Orlando, many of the punches Vasyl absorbed were low blows and punches to the body.

Vasyl has never been past 5 rounds yet he almost knocked out a world champion in round 12.

For reference; current p4p star Guillermo Rigo, won a robbery split decision against Ricardo Corboda in his 7th pro fight. Corboda out landed Guillermo but Guillermo got the decision.

Corboda is not as good as Ramirez, who Vasyl knocked out [first ko loss of Ramirez career], and Corboda is simply not in the same league as Orlando.

Guillermo took the fight too early with Corboda and he was out landed.

Vasyl took the fight too early with Orlando BUT he out landed Orlando and almost knocked him out in ROUND 12.

Vasyl also absorbed low blows all night and not a single complaint.

All of these are facts, they are not my opinion.