> Has mayweather ever fought a big puncher?

Has mayweather ever fought a big puncher?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
I mean dnt get me wrong hes fought fighters like hatton moseley and cotto but hss he ever fought someone like matghyse or golovkin


Mayweather has not fought any one that can bang in their primes and definitely hasn't fought anyone with one shot knockout ability. He's crafty in his picks but a coward as a fighter. He avoids boxers than can punch giving excuse after excuse of why he won't fight them.

Floyd's next fight against Canelo will be a test for the older Mayweather but he's still the favorite to win. It wasn't so long ago when Margarito was being hailed as the big puncher and Floyd avoided him like the plague. Then there was Manny before he got waxed by Marquez, Floyd gave every reason imaginable of why he would not fight Manny, now nobody cares.

Floyd has never faced a BIG PUNCHER nor will you ever see Floyd fight a "Big Puncher" just not in him at this stage of his career.


You are right on point Sir, I totally, totally forgot about this fight, the first fight with Jose' Luis Castillo also a fight in which I've been saying since it happened that Mayweather did indeed lose. I think by the time he fought Diego, he was damaged goods. Corrales was just in too many wars and I think that by the time he fought Floyd he was starting to show the effects of all those wars.I think that Diego fought the much tougher competition leading up to his fight with Floyd and this caused some damage. I feel Diego wasn't punished by Mayweather when they fought but still lost four fights after their fight because his willingness to bang. Dieago always had a punchers chance and if the fight would have happened lets say six or so fights before he actually fought Mayweather, I'm of the opinion he would have knocked Floyd out.

I often get blinded by my disgust for Floyd and I make no apologies for this but I do apologize for forgetting about Diego that could crack and had a huge heart. Thanks Ronnie

To answer this question we have to put things into perspective. Mayweather has never weighed over 151lbs in the ring. He is a small welterweight and guys who walk around at that weight usually fight at 140lbs. On that basis I think its fair to say Mayweather has faced big punchers when he's fought at 154lbs where guys outweigh him by over 10lbs on fight night against De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto. Diego Corrales was a knockout machine at lightweight.

Also Shane Mosley was a KO machine at lightweight and destroyed previously iron chinned Antonio Margarito so we knew he could still bang.

I'll admit Mayweather avoids dangerous guys in their prime, but seeing as punching power is the last to go these over the hill guys still possess the ability to bang even if they have slowed reflexes, speed and skills.

Diego Corrales. Anyone who tries to argue that Corrales was out of prime or couldn't bang or produce knockouts might just be a hater. Plain and simple. Corrales was a knockout machine, who was undefeated, and the same age as Floyd at the time of their fight. As a matter of fact, Floyd was the underdog in that fight, but as we saw and have seen before through other examples, Power can be negated.

El Guapo, From what I've seen, you tend to make valid points; and while it's no secret how you feel about Floyd at a personal level, for you not to acknowledge that Chico, of all people was at least a "big puncher", speaks to your dislike of Floyd outweighing your efforts to form an objective opinion in regards to the question at hand....That or maybe you really honestly don't think Chico was a big puncher? I guess I could always assume you forgot about him seeing as how you didn't mention him in the first place. Not trying to call you out or anything. If you happen to read this though, and don't have anything better to do, would you mind commenting on how you feel about Diego's punching power? I have a feeling you wouldn't agree to something as ludicrous as the notion of him not having a "big punch", and surely not solely because of your animosity towards Floyd Mayweather. I am curious however.

Edit: Ahh so you're thinking that if he'd fought Floyd about six fights earlier instead of knocking out five guys and winning a UD first, that he'd have done a little better. I see. Yea, I respect your opinion but I completely disagree with what you're saying in regard to Corrales being war torn by the time he got to Floyd, because in all fairness, what you're saying doesn't add up to make any sense. I actually laughed out loud when I read that one. Sounds good in theory, but I know better, and I'd hope most other fans would know better. The fact is that Chico had only gone the 12 round distance twice before fighting floyd, where he won lopsided decisions, went ten a couple of times, and he knocked everyone else out early. In no way was Corrales a washed up fighter at 23 years old with a record of 33-0 with 27 knockouts. Come on, man. That's ridiculous. You realize that sounds ridiculous right? What wars are you talking about...? Damaged goods at 23 years old, with 27 of your 33 wins coming by way of early ko? I think not.

ortiz was a big puncher....he have to sucker punch the guy for his own safety...protect yourself at all times, right????

shane mosley , zab Judah , were huge punchers in their prime , victor Ortiz not bad too .

good job he fought Ortiz in a ring under rules , because in a dirty go , outside the ring victor would be the victor , he would splatter mayweather like a fly , and mayweather knows it

Diego Corrales was a puncher drained or not that was his biggest asset as a fighter his power, Shane Mosley just came off an impressive K.O. win against the iron chinned Antonino Margarito

Diego Corrales , Shane Mosley , Jaun Marquez

I mean dnt get me wrong hes fought fighters like hatton moseley and cotto but hss he ever fought someone like matghyse or golovkin