> Boxing: Who should Chad Dawson fight next?

Boxing: Who should Chad Dawson fight next?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
How does he rebound from 2 stoppage losses?

Rematch with Adonis Stevenson if I'm not mistaken "Bad" Chad Dawson

has a rematch clause his contract. He's fought Glengoffe Johnson (twice)

and Antonio Tarver (twice) he definitely, needs to redeem himself after the

loss, he needs a new boxing trainer A.S.A.P. If David Price is willing to be

a man and face his fears and fight Tony Thompson again in a rematch in a

new fight then, Chad Dawson needs to step up to the plate. Needs to then

also, hire Ronald Wright to help him with his defense keep his hands up to

cover his face, if he gets hit again with another hayemaker its going to be a

short night for Chad Dawson again LIGHTS OUT. Take a tune up, re-match.

Coming off of two KO's ,Chad Dawson don't need to fight someone on the level of Jean Pascal yet ,he's the one that handed Dawson his first loss.

The main reason Chad Dawson loss his last fight to Adonis Stevenson is because he was flat-footed and stood right in front of him. Most of Chad Dawson's' success came from his effective movement which he didn't use ,nor did he really have much of a chance to neither.

To rebound from his two losses ,he needs to have an easy off T.V. fight in his home town against an easy opponent and fight him the same way he did Tomas Adamek ,with effective movement ,after that fight he should fight on HBO in a co featured/crossroads fight with Allan Green.

Dawson needs to get his career back on track fast!

He could try to rematch Stevenson straight away, but I have a feeling Stevenson wants Hopkins or the winner of Pascal vs Bute, which would be huge in Canada.

If Dawson won a belt he would have leverage for a fight against on of the top guys at the weight. The easiest opponent with a major belt in my opinion is Shumenov, who has recently expressed a interest in fighting Dawson. With the WBA belt, Dawson becomes an attractive fight for the other belt holders in the division and he would be back to the big time fights.

Chad needs to fight a guy who isn't a total bum, but definitely inferior and someone he can get his confidence back against.

I'd say Allan Green would work, Edison Miranda, Yusaf Mack, Enrique Ornelas....guys like that.

All have recognizable names (Miranda and Green much more so than Mack/Ornelas though).

Miranda or Green are the perfect opponents. Chad would box both of their ears off, and they are both hard hitting guys, so despite not being elite fighters, Dawson would get confidence from beating them considering his back-to-back KO losses.

I agree with David. First, Dawson needs to have a serious talk with himself and his team. Is he willing to do everything he needs to do to be the champ? He certainly has the skills, but does he have the heart? Second, he needs to go back to his first loss and avenge it. Pascal is a tough opponent, but he is not unbeatable. Dawson was on his way back into their fight when he got cut. He needs to go in and take Pascal out, then move on from there.

He should definitely find a fighter that doesn't have pop in his punches, since he doesn't fare well with those kind of guys. Even Edison Miranda was able to drop him in sparring, remember? I still am a Chad fan, he reminds me alot of Jermain Taylor. Both of them give boxers a hell of a time.

Tavoris Cloud. Both needs an ego-boosting win over named opponent like themselves for another career jump start

fight Jean Pascal. That's where it all started.

Gennady "GGG" Golovkin at a catchweight!

How does he rebound from 2 stoppage losses?