> Did sugar ray Leonard have the fastest hands of all time if not name some one who was faster?

Did sugar ray Leonard have the fastest hands of all time if not name some one who was faster?

Posted at: 2015-04-20 
Excellent question! Sugar Ray Leonard certainly makes a strong case for having the fastest hands in bxing history. He threw some of the fastest combinations I've ever had the pleasure of watching over the years which was one of the things that made him an exciting fighter to see in action and the major contributor to his great ring sucess. However there are several other great boxers oer the years both in the past and recent that can make a solid claim to being the fastest. Here is a list in no certain order:

Meldrick Taylor. Many boxing experts say that Taylor is the fastest of all time bar none and if you watch some of his fights you can see why.

Roy Jones Jr. Jones Jr possessed lightning hand speed and reflexes and certainly one of the most naturally brilliant fighters of all time particularly speed wise.

Sugar Ray Leonard. As I mentioned above, this Sugar Ray threw the most dazzling combinations I ever saw. Brilliant boxer.

Sugar Ray Robinson. Who would ever think of leaving the original Sugar Ray off this list. Not me! When he was in his true prime he was certainly the fastest of his generation and maybe of them all.

Harry Greb. No film footage which hurts Greb's argument but Dempsey said he was the fastest he ever saw as did most of his contemporaries. And this natural middleweight beat heavyweights too!

Muhammad Ali. When Ali came along the world had neer seen a heavyweight that comined the hand and foot speed of Ali. He really was a bad man!

Hector Camacho. The Macho Man was another guy I had the pleasure of watching over the years and he possessed blinding hand speed without a doubt.

Pernell Whitaker. Because of his great defensie skills, few know that he also had great hand speed too. He may not be as fast as some on this list, but deserves mention anyway.

Floyd Patterson. His hand speed was said to have rivaled Ali's. Small for a heavyweight but was also one of the fastest for a heavyweight.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather is the sports p4p best and an overall very skilled fighter and nobody throws a faster counter punch than he does.

Manny Pacquiao. Seems to have lost what he had going for him for so long but dazzled quite a few of his opponents with his combination of speed and power.

Willie Pep. Another of one of the very best of all time and certainly needing to be on this list. Pep was great in eery aspect of the game except for punching power but made up for it with skills and hand speed.

Howard Davis Jr. During the Olympics he was once thought of as an even better pro prospect than Leonard though his career didn't pan out that way. Blessed with extremely fast hands though.

Medrick Taylor may have been as fast and Sugar Ray Robinson in his prime was faster. There are few films of his fights from his prime but watch Robinson vs Luc Van Dam, he was in middleweight but it was 1 of his first fights there, the hooks in the 3rd round were monstrously fast and powerful.

Also; Harry Greb was said to be as fast as Robinson in his prime by spectators but unfortunately there are no surviving films of his fights.

Pound for pound, I'd put him in the top 3 along with Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson.

IMO I think Amir khan has the fastest hand I have seen, in he carlos molina fight he throws some amazing combos and at one point of the fight he throws an insane combo when molina is on the ropes.

meldrick taylor might have faster hands but leonard was very fast no doubt